Gnome Coloring Pages {FREE, printable}

Free Printable Gnome Coloring Pages

These free gnome coloring pages are absolutely adorable and perfect for any lover of fairy tales and kids of all ages.

Coloring is a great way to pass a rainy day when you can’t be outside. It’s also a great wind-down activity for those long summer evenings, or something to do in the car on a roadtip!

If your child is really into gnomes, they’ll love building a gnome garden!

How to Download These Gnome Coloring Pages

You can scroll down below the images to download the entire zip folder of printable gnome coloring pages in one click, or choose to just save your favorites and click each image you want to download it individually.

The download will begin as soon as you click, and it will save directly to your device.

You don’t have to enter an email address or sign up for anything to receive these gnome coloring pages – they are free!

Check out all these cute gnomes coloring sheets:

gnome on the beach with a pineapple printable coloring sheet

Aghhhh i love the little crab with his little hands in this one!

gnome eating a popsicle on the beach coloring sheet

This free printable gnome coloring pages are so cute – they are the perfect summer activity!

two gnomes on a beach coloring sheet

I love that the gnomes are still wearing winter hats despite the fact that it’s clearly tropical and hot out where they are. Winter hats and flip flops LOL!

gnome with beach umbrella coloring sheet

AT first I was distraught thinking the gnome on this coloring sheet had a cell phone… but now I see that’s just his drink. (I wonder if this is a testament to MY distress at always being with MY cellphone lol.)

gnome coloring page - with lemonade stand

These coloring sheets would be a fun activity for a kid’s fairy themed birthday party!

gnome in a pool coloring sheet

These amazing gnomes just never stop eating!

gnome eating ice cream coloring sheet

This is an easy coloring page that even a small child will enjoy! Coloring is a fun way to develop fine motor skills, and these pages are not overly complex.

beach themed gnome coloring page

These gnomes are lacking pots of gold, but they make up for it with pails of sand and ice cream treats!

color page - gnome snorkeling

This may be my FAVORITE of all the gnome coloring sheets – the little snorkeling gnome. I think it’s because snorkeling is my very favorite beach activity and I feel a connection with this tiny guy.

color page - gnome on the beach

These could easily become my favorite coloring pages, how cute are they!?


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These printable pages are for personal use only. Do not reproduce or sell. Thanks!

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