10 Best Places for Cheap Fairy Garden Supplies

If you’re ready to get building your fairy garden, you’ll want to know where to buy cheap fairy garden supplies

I’ll be honest, fairy gardening is a hobby that you can really run away with the budget! I sometimes get carried away when it comes to purchasing fairy garden supplies because I “can write off all my expenses through the website” LOL.

fairy garden supplies on a shelf

One of the great things about fairy gardening is that some of the cheapest supplies lend themselves to making the CUTEST DIY fairy garden accessories! (Like free things you can find in your backyard, or dirt cheap stuff from the dollar store!)

I’ve become an expert at knowing where to purchase fairy garden supplies cheap.

Here’s my favorite places to find everything you’ll need to make a fairy garden

(This list encompasses all the places I look for supplies to make my fairy gardens. If just want to purchase fairy garden accessories that are pre-made, obviously you’ll skip your own back yard, your junk draw, and garage sales, but everywhere else on the list is good for cheap fairy garden accessories that you don’t make yourself.)

1) Your Own Backyard

Obviously, the CHEAPEST fairy garden supplies are the ones you don’t pay anything for!

My absolute favorite place to find the cheapest materials for building fairy garden accessories is nature. (I also prefer the look of “natural” materials to purchased ones – like the fairies collected these things themselves!)

Here’s some examples of free fairy garden building materials you can find in your backyard:

  • sticks
  • rocks
  • leaves
  • acorns
  • moss
  • seeds
  • bark

Here’s a number of fairy accessories that I built almost entirely with materials collected from my backyard.

fairy garden supplies from the backyard

2) Your Junk Drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer – right?

You never know what’s inside there that might prove useful to the fairies – mine had a few champagne bottle tops kicking around in it for YEARS! (Literally, years. From before I had kids.)

This past winter we made a patio set with our champagne bottle tops! (Yes, I did buy another bottle of champagne and drink it just to get one more top and the cork hahaha.)

DIY champagne bottle top fairy garden chairs - cute fairy furniture

3) Garage Sales + Thrift Stores

Keep your eyes open for treasures that you won’t find anywhere else…

Garage sales and thrift stores are a great place to find unique containers for fairy gardens.  (I got the cute tea cup for my teacup garden at a thrift store!)

One thing to watch for is old tea collectible figurines called “Wade Whimsies” (like these). These make a super cute addition to any fairy garden, and they are pretty plentiful so most people don’t ask too much money for them!

4) The Dollar Store

fairy truck from the dollar store

The dollar store is the next cheapest place to get fairy supplies, (regardless of if you want to DIY your entire garden and all it’s décor or if you want to buy ready-made accessories) and most towns have multiple dollar stores!

If you go to Dollar Tree in the spring, they often bring in cheap fairy garden accessories for less than 2 bucks each (if you don’t want to build your own).

This summer we got a number of cute little houses, a tiny red truck, some hedgehogs on a teeter-totter, and a tiny bridge for less than 10 dollars total!

The dollar store is also my go to place for buying craft supplies to DIY my own accessories – things like:

5) Amazon has loads of cheap fairy garden supplies

It’s amazing what you can get on Amazon – it’s probably the best place to buy fairy garden supplies!

Sometimes it’s cheaper to purchase fairy garden supplies online than it is to by them in a store front (just like anything, I guess).

You can order all kinds of adorable pre-made fairy garden accessories on Amazon like:

Amazon is also a really great place to get craft supplies like polymer clay; for making polymer clay fairy garden accessories yourself!

6) Michaels Craft Store

Michaels has absolutely awesome craft supplies to make your own fairy garden décor, but they also have a special dollhouse miniatures section where I get a TON of cute things that I just couldn’t ever make.

I never expected Michaels to be a CHEAP place to buy fairy garden accessories, so that was pretty surprising to me, but this tiny book and this tiny bucket (pictured next to a marble for scale) are great examples – they were about a dollar each, and I just couldn’t make these things that cheap – esp. when you factor in the time it would take to make them!

cheap fairy gardens supplies from Michael's craft store


7) Etsy is amazing for fairy garden supplies

It’s true that you can buy some less-than-cheap fairy garden accessories on Etsy, but look around because you can also get some AMAZING deals on unique one of a kind fairy garden accessories there too!

Etsy is also the place where I’ve found some of the more unusual craft supplies for making my own fairy accessories, like dried gourds and giant pinecones! For example, if you want to pull them apart to make a roof for your fairy house, like I did with this one:

simple fairy house from log and pinecone

8) Independent Online Shops

I’m actually always surprised at how some of these shops can make a living because their fairy garden supplies are really affordable!

If you’re wondering where to buy fairy garden items, fairygardenstore.com and factorydirectcraft.com are both places to look for cheap fairy garden accessories online.

9) The Fish Aquarium Section at Walmart


So many of the cute fish tank decor items available at Walmart (or I imagine also Target or your local pet shop) are PERFECT as fairy garden supplies.

There are plenty of faux plants (that’ll hold up just fine in wet or cold climates!) and you can even get tiny houses or treasure chests or rocks!

Wouldn’t this “fish tree house” make an amazing fairy house?

10) The Garden Center

Obviously, if you’re using real plants in your fairy garden, you ‘ll need plants and dirt.

Not surprisingly, I also often find other fairy garden décor that works in my gardens, like this huge cute green mushroom I got at the garden center earlier this year:

miniature hedgehogs and decorative mushroom


I also pick up a lot of my unique containers for my gardens at the garden center! If you know you are going to be making fairy gardens, go at the end of the season when they run their clearance sales.

Where’s your favorite place to get inexpensive fairy garden supplies?

places to get cheap fairy garden supplies