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HI + Welcome to Fairy Garden DIY!

…Where we can escape into a miniature world and let our imaginations run wild.

There’s a kid inside all of us, and sometimes we just gotta let that kid out!

I spend my days on the computer, so I started Fairy Garden DIY as a way to get outside, get away from my phone, get some dirt under my fingernails, get my kids involved in a fun hands-on project, and spread a little fairy-joy around the internet.

It’s just good for the soul to create beautiful things!

You’re in the right place if you want to


Kid # 1… destroying one fairy garden


little girl playing with fairy garden
Kid #2… destroying another!



One of the most common questions I get is CAN I USE AN IMAGE FROM YOUR WEBSITE IN MY BLOG POST?

Answer: YES! You may use ONE image from a blog post, but you MUST provide a dofollow backlink to the blog post you took the image from. All images on this website are either taken and owned by myself, with full copy-right or purchased with full copyright.

I DO NOT accept guest posts at this time, and the rate for a sponsored blog post on Fairy Garden DIY is 500 USD.

If you have OTHER questions, you can contact me with the form below.