Champagne Bottle Top Fairy Chairs

I saw some champagne bottle top fairy chairs on Pinterest YEARS ago, and I’ve had a champagne bottle top kicking around in my junk drawer since before my kids were born just waiting for me to make the time to MAKE the chairs.

Just ONE never seemed like enough, and we don’t drink bubbly stuff that often.

Recently my husband won an award at work and his company sent a bottle of champagne to the house… and I was reminded of that bottle top and inspired to GET IT OUT of my junk drawer lol.

(Annnnnd then I figured two was ALSO not enough, so that gave me an excuse to drink one more bottle hahaha.)

I wanted to use NOTHING but what came with the bottle tops (no extra wire), just to see if it would work, and it did – but I think I’ve seen better ones. Next time I would do it a little differently and maybe add beads or something fun.


You don’t need much to make champagne bottle top fairy chairs:

Just the bottle tops, a wire cutters, a pliers, and some super glue.

(And maybe some pretty beads! Next time I make these I’ll add beads to the chair backs… now I have an excuse to drink some more cheap bubbles!)

How to Make Champagne Bottle Top Fairy Chairs:

Snip the bottom wire and wiggle it out of the loops. The snipped ends will be sharp, so watch out for those!

Flatten the wire you removed (use the pliers if it’s quite resistant to being flattened).

Also using the pliers, bend the “feet” of the chair outwards slightly (the loops that the wire had been inside).

making DIY fairy furniture

I’m sure there are more imaginative ways to bend your wire into a chair back shape, but I went with super simple.

I just crossed the bottoms of the wire over to make a small circle, and twisted it – then bent the ends of the wire up and around to the top. (Don’t mind my nails – I know, shameful.)


I don’t actually have a photo of bending it up and around, because it was literally a two hand job and I just didn’t have another hand to take the picture.

Then I super glued the backs to the chairs, and that’s that!

The cork makes a cute table, no?

Feels like the fairies were just scrounging around after a wedding or something…

DIY champagne bottle top fairy garden chairs - cute fairy furniture

They’d probably look pretty cute painted – I may try that yet!

There are HEAPS of champagne top chair ideas on pinterest to check out!

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