DIY Mini Fairy BBQ

Summer is MOST CERTAINLY here and it’s wayyyy too hot to cook inside. We’ve been BBQing every day, and filling the gaps with salad and beer lol. I figured it was the perfect time to make a diy mini fairy BBQ!
DIY mini BBQ and hot dogs by red bench

I’ve seen miniature BBQ’s made from wine bottle caps before, and I wanted to try my own take on one. It was way easier than I expected it to be, and it turned out SO cute!

(But I mean, really – any excuse to drink two bottles of wine is a good excuse.)

What you need to make a mini fairy BBQ:

supplies to make diy mini BBQ

  • 2 wine bottle tops
  • craft wire
  • wire cutters
  • super glue
  • craft spindle / match sticks
  • black acrylic paint
  • hot glue gun
  • ashes

How to Make a Miniature BBQ For a Fairy Garden

I started by making three small holes in the top of one wine bottle cap with a screw.

In hindsight, I sort of wish I’d made 4 holes and 4 legs for the BBQ, because my daughter LOVES it and it’s not as stable as it could be for her tiny little hands.

I cut the craft spindle into three (again you could do 4) equal parts, and inserted it through the holes.

The I secured the legs in place by filling the wine bottle cap with hot glue.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to attach the BBQ lid, but I knew I wanted it to be simple, so I started by cutting a flap from one side.

Having the lid the same size as the body of the BBQ looked awkward, in my opinion, so I trimmed about 1/3 off the cap.

(My 4 year old helped me out by taking this picture… it’s so exciting to have an assistant now! haha)

I think it looks much more balanced and realistic now that the lid is shorter than body.

I super glued the lid to the body.

Then I painted the whole thing black!

I did think about leaving it “natural”, because I think the fairies like found items and aren’t necessarily particular about having things look the way humans think they should look…

But I also just really wanted to see what it looked like painted black. haha.

(And it’s adorable!)

painting the diy miniature BBQ

I REALLY struggled with both the grill and the “charcoal” for this mini fairy BBQ.

I tried creating the charcoal and grill out of polymer clay, but it didn’t look good AT ALL, and while I was trying to make it look better I broke it right in half.


So I ended up making a grill piece by piece out of super glue (the same way I made the ladder for the tea cup fairy garden).

It wasn’t that hard, and it looks SO much better than what I had managed to make out of clay.

The charcoal was still an issue though, and I did try painting the hot glue, but that didn’t look good either.

Finally I added more hot glue and covered it with ashes out of our fire pit.

Looks pretty realistic now!

miniature BBQ filled with ashes

Finally, I placed the little grill on the BBQ. It was a tiny bit larger, so squeezed it into the inside of the BBQ, which bent the surface a tiny bit but not terribly. I secured it with a dab of superglue.

I LOVED the way the BBQ turned out, but it was “missing something”, so I made it a flipper out of polymer clay and a match stick.

bbq utensil made from polymer clay and matchstick

It hangs off the BBQ with a tiny hook made from craft wire.


mini diy fairy garden decor

So once the BBQ was done it seemed like there HAD to be some hot dogs to go with it.

hotdogs made from polymer clay

We made these hotdogs from polymer clay.

It was all wayyyy too much fun for my kids, and they let me snap a few pictures before they claimed it all.

A couple of my daughter’s favorite Calico Critters were invited to a cookout.

Before my daughter confiscated the BBQ and hot dogs, I got to try it out in the broken pot garden, but honestly it was a little crowded. I HAVE to get better at leaving more room for adding more DIY fairy accessories lol.

miniature BBQ as fairy garden decor

Ultimately, this was a super fun DIY fairy garden décor project that I think my kids will enjoy even more than the fairies will.

Eventually, even the hedgehogs were invited to the party.

how to make a miniature BBQ

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