40+ DIY Fairy Garden Accessories (You Can Make Yourself)

Adorable (and Cheap) Handmade Fairy Garden Accessories

One of the best parts of making a fairy garden is making DIY fairy garden accessories! There’s something so imaginative, fun, and even therapeutic about creating tiny little items for your fairy homes.

Plus handmade fairy garden decorations are just so much more interesting than store bought ones, in my opinions!

40 DIY fairy garden accessorie

I love to use found and natural items in my fairy displays. When my kids and I create these DIY fairy garden accessories, we try to “think like a fairy.” What would a fairy use to make a ladder? A flower pot? A bed? 

Any of these handmade miniature accessories would also be perfect if you’re wondering how to make a gnome garden as well!


Like most fairy gardening projects, making fairy garden accessories is fun for all ages. It’s a great activity to do with your kids, and like me, you’ll probably be blown away by all their terrific and adorable ideas. Fairy gardening is very calming and creative—a great family activity. Going the DIY route makes each fairy accessory unique and special. These accessories are unlike anything you’ll find in a store. (Speaking of sores, the DIY thing can really save a pile of money too – you can make fairy garden décor from FREE things… whereas buying a lot of it can really add up!)  

So, if you’re ready to complete your magical garden display, don’t miss these 40 DIY fairy garden accessories you can easily make yourself! 

How Do You Make Fairy Garden Accessories? 

If you’re wondering how to make DIY fairy garden accessories, don’t worry; it’s easy! You can go one of several routes to make the items for your fairy display. I’ve found that the easiest way to make fairy garden accessories is to plan out one or two things you want to make first.

The other option is to use modeling clay or purchase the components of your fairy garden item (here’s a list of places to buy fairy garden supplies to get you started). For example, you may need small fish tank marbles, dowels, pipe cleaner, or other craft supplies to create your fairy garden accessories. Don’t forget to check the dollar store for most of what you’ll need!

It all depends on the look and feel you want for your garden. Some people like a more natural “found” item look, while others enjoy the flexibility of clay and other craft supplies to really help you create something unique. 

As you see below, I’ve rounded up 40 handmade DIY fairy garden accessories with tutorials and photos to help you begin. All of these are easy, and most of them would be appropriate for kids (with some adult help) or beginners.  

Explore these DIY fairy garden accessories for inspiration and ideas, and then adapt them for your own personalized fairy garden display.

Easy DIY Fairy Garden Accessories

Below are some of the best easy DIY fairy garden accessories I’ve found online. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to start creating your own items for your fairy display.

1) DIY Polymer Clay Fairy Garden Ladder 

Polymer clay is one of my favorite craft supplies for creating fairy garden accessories, like this DIY ladder. It’s easy to work with, it’s not messy, and it’s safe for kids. With a quick bake in the oven, it’s quite sturdy (you can leave it outside!), and there are endless colors available, even glitter and metallic.

(Polymer clay fairy garden accessories are so easy and versatile. You can make almost ANYTHING!)

2) Tiny Flowerpots

Miniature potted plants for fairy gardens

Fairy gardens are all about flowers and plants! While you’ll want to plant your own flowers and plants as part of your fairy display, it’s also really fun to add tiny flowerpots to your fairy homes. I used store-bought miniature pots with dried flowers for these simple tiny DIY fairy flowerpots. Of course, you could also use nutshells, rocks, or wood to make little flower containers too.

3) Polymer Clay Toadstool Mushrooms for Fairies 

DIY polymer clay toadstools for fairy garden

One of the easiest fairy garden accessories to make is a mushroom. Mini mushrooms look absolutely adorable when nestled amongst your fairy villagers, and they’re so simple to create. Use a bit of polymer clay in any color (I like red and white, but you can use ANY colors) to create a group of toadstools and mushrooms for fairies.

4) Tiny Succulent Plants

I’ve also used polymer clay to make an array of mini polymer clay succulents. Succulents are all the rage in any garden display—indoor fairy gardens or outside. These little plants add tons of green to your fairy garden, and they’re easy to care for. Making some miniature clay succulents for your fairy village will perfectly complement existing plants.

5) Champagne Top Fairy Chairs

DIY champagne bottle top fairy garden chairs - cute fairy furniture

I saw these little upcycled fairy chairs in several spots. I thought they were so cute that I decided to make my own Champagne bottle-top fairy chairs. I love the “French café” feel that they evoke. They’re so easy to make, and they look perfectly whimsical. You’ll feel as though your fairies peeked through your recycling to create a cute set of chairs.

6) Miniature Gardening Tools and Accessories


I made these miniature fairy gardening tools from old aluminum cans! A quick note on these—when I made them, I found that cutting and bending the cans is probably a job for Mom or Dad (the sharp edges are a little dangerous for kids). These fairy gardening tools are a great family project to work on together.  

7) Miniature Vegetables for Your Fairy’s Garden

I don’t know about you, but fairies strike me as being natural gardeners. I assume that they’re probably good at planting and growing veggies since they obviously do so well with flowers. These miniature vegetables for your fairy garden are easy to make out of polymer clay (and so cute)! These would also be adorable for a gnome village or with a few naughty bunnies hopping around your fairy display. 

8) Beach Chair 

There are tons of fairy garden accessories that use popsicle sticks, and these Adirondack chairs are one of my favorites! These are easy DIY fairy garden accessories that look SO professional when you’re done. They really look like something you’d purchase at a boutique store. With a coat of bright paint, these cheerful chairs will be the perfect addition to your fairy garden. 

9) Polymer Clay Fairy Door

simple fairy house from log and pinecone

Fairy doors are one of my all-time top DIY fairy garden accessories to make. I love how you can put these all around your garden to make it look like fairies live in every tree or rock. These doors turn anything into a fairy house. Using user-friendly polymer clay, you can create these doors quickly and easily! 

10) Popsicle Stick Fairy House

popsicle stick fairy house tutorial

I’ve shared lots of DIY Fairy houses before, but I wanted to include this popsicle stick fairy house here because it really shows how many items you can make using wooden craft sticks or tongue depressors. These are something almost everyone has on hand, and they form the base of many different fairy items. Time to buy a bag of popsicles and cool off this summer so that you can create a home for your fairies.

11) DIY Concrete Fairy House

I made these darling concrete fairy houses out of miniature wooden birdhouses, and I can’t get over how amazing they turned out. The concrete was different to work with, but once I got the hang of it, the process was super easy to follow. I really like how these houses look, and they’re definitely a great addition to your DIY fairy garden.

12) DIY Stone Fairy Garden House (- my favorite fairy garden decorations!)

diy fairy garden house

Making a stone fairy house was a bit challenging at first. I used hot glue, only to discover that hot glue and sun weren’t a good mix. After cleaning up my melted mess of a fairy house, I wised up and got some silicone caulk. It works fantastically, and I think you’ll agree that my second attempt turned out pretty darned amazing. 

13) DIY Faux Red Brick Fairy House

I was so excited to figure out how to make a brick fairy house. I ordered these little dollhouse bricks online, and they were just perfect for this project. They’re lightweight, but they look real (and don’t require mortar, like actual tiny bricks do. If you’re looking at how to make a brick fairy house, don’t miss my tutorial.

For more DIY Fairy House ideas, click here!

14) Fairy Picnic Table 

Of the popsicle stick DIY fairy garden accessories I found, the fairy picnic table was another favorite. I really like how easy this picnic table is to make and how “accurate” it looks when finished. There’s something so sweet about fairies enjoying a little garden picnic right next to your own patio! (Cups and saucers are NOT something I DIY’d, but you can get a whole set on Amazon for cheap cheap, and they really do add a lot to the garden! Use a dab of hot glue to keep them in place unless your tiny people want to be able to play with them!) 

 15) DIY Fairy Garden Signposts

12 Adorable Popsicle Stick Fairy Garden Ideas

Finger posts or signposts are always a favorite in any village setup. They add a quaintness to your fairy village and let you imagine that you have a whole universe out there for your fairies to explore. You can paint the signposts with your favorite vacation spots, different corners of your garden, or anything your imagination comes up with!

16) Fairy Tire Swing

DIY fairy garden accessories to make for cheap!

You can use found materials to make a darling DIY fairy garden tire swing. Doll tires work well as a tire swing. You could also use small tires from a remote-control car or building set. Then tie on a rope and attach the mini swing to a tree (or tall plant) to let your fairies enjoy. A coat hanger or piece of wire can create a simple frame. 

17) Handmade Fairy Wishing Well  


Another of my favorite handmade DIY fairy garden accessories is a wishing well. Wishing wells make the perfect centerpiece to your fairy village and provide a cute spot for fairies to gather. You could surround the well with small plants or mini succulent pots. Create a path leading up to the well using marbles or small pebbles.

18) DIY Fairy Arbor

fairy garden arbor made from twigs

An arbor is an arch that’s covered with vines and flowers. It’s a great entrance to your fairy garden and will be a perfect spot for your fairies to play. You can create a DIY fairy arbor using popsicle sticks, wooden twigs, or small vines. I suggest covering the arbor with moss or greenery to hide any bits of glue from the assembly. (Of course, the playing cards aren’t handmade fairy garden accessories – they are purchased, but soooo cute!) 

19) Bottle Cap Fairy Chairs and Table Set


These cute upcycled DIY fairy garden accessories are so easy to make! Regular old bottle caps make adorable chairs and tables for your fairy village. These are simple to create. You can customize them or paint them however you like to go with your fairy village setup.

20) Fairy Barbecue

Some fairies might prefer the modern convenience of a barbecue! While you may prefer to create a small faux fire pit for your fairies, a diy mini barbecue is a cute addition to your fairy patio.

I really like the idea of making smaller versions of the large items you have outside (like a picnic table or a grill). There’s something so magical about having a miniaturized version on display.

21) DIY Fairy Garden Lantern

My kids and I made this polymer clay lantern for our terracotta pot garden, and I LOVE how it turned out!

You can also use tiny string lights as lanterns. Adding lights to your fairy garden makes it seem even more fanciful. If you want to make some small lanterns to shed some light on your fairies, it’s simple. You can also make bigger lanterns or look for light-up fairy houses to brighten your display. 

22) Twig Furniture for Fairies

I love using sticks and twigs to create handmade DIY fairy garden accessories. There are so many ways to make fairy garden accessories with found items, especially small twigs, sticks, pinecones, shells, seeds, and rocks. My kids love looking for the different components to create furniture and décor for the fairies. 

23) Fairy Garden Pond from a Mirror

A mirror makes a perfectly darling fairy garden pond. With some Mod Podge and glitter, you can create a magical-looking body of “water” for your fairy display. At Consumer Crafts, they have several great ideas to teach you how to make fairy garden accessories.

THIS is at the top of the diy fairy garden accessories list I have planned to make ASAP!

24) Hot Glue Waterfall for Fairies

At Crafts by Ria, she uses recycled plastic and hot glue to make an incredible fairy waterfall. This display would probably be for indoor fairy gardens (as hot glue doesn’t always do so well in the direct sun), but it’s really lovely, especially with the rocks and little balls of moss. 

25) Plastic Cup Fairy Bridge

One of my favorite parts of fairy gardening is seeing all the creative ideas that people come up with for DIY fairy garden accessories. This plastic cup bridge from A Crafty Mix is no exception. Using just a recycled plastic container and flat craft sticks, Michelle makes an incredible fairy bridge. Genius!

26) Fairy Garden Well from a Water Bottle

Another example of an ingenious DIY fairy garden accessory idea is this fairy garden well made from an upcycled plastic water bottle. You could use this technique from My Pinterventures to build other fairy garden accessories as well. I like the use of marbles as water. 

27) Fairy Garden Fence

Every garden needs a fence! You can make the cutest tiny fairy garden fence out of popsicle sticks and wire, like this one from Rebecca at Simple Practical Beautiful. This fence is probably one of those jobs that kids could do with some help or supervision from Mom or Dad. With wire cutters and a bit of twisting, you have a really authentic-looking fence.

28) Fairy Tent and Campground

Ready to take your fairies camping? Since they live outdoor, I suppose fairies are always “camping,” but when you see this cute fairy cave, tent, and campground, you’re going to want to make a spot for your fairies to camp too. She uses simple materials—building the cave out of dirt, for a natural fairy garden display. 

29) Fairy Garden Pond Centerpiece

A galvanized container and floating candles make this fairy garden pond centerpiece an absolute showstopper. This stunning display looks so beautiful that it would be right at home for an evening outdoor wedding or a summer garden party. Following the tutorial on Pretty DIY Home, this fairy centerpiece isn’t hard to make, but it’s gorgeous. 

30) DIY Miniature Terrarium Waterfall

40 DIY fairy garden accessories- waterfall

This DIY miniature terrarium waterfall from Made by Barb would be a beautiful addition to any fairy garden display or terrarium. This fairy garden accessory is a bit more complex than some others, but her tutorial walks you through the process (and the end result is well worth the effort). Don’t miss this gorgeous waterfall!

31) Polymer Clay Creatures

40 DIY fairy garden accessories - polymer clay creatures

The DIY fairy garden accessories from Happiness is Homemade are really cute. She made many of them with polymer clay, including the charming fairy house (made from an upcycled tin can). Her son helped her create all the different fairy accessories and creatures, like the turtle and little snail on the path. 

32) “Junk Drawer” Fairy Furniture 

Have you ever seen those little plastic “tables” that come inside pizza boxes? They make perfect DIY fairy garden accessories! You can use many items from your junk drawer, like pull-tabs and bottle caps, to create unique items for your fairy garden. Check out the cute upcycled idea from Sadie Seasongoods

33) Fairy Bed, Harp + Candle Stick from Twigs

DIY fairy garden accessories made from twigs

Where Do Fairies Sleep? On little twig beds, of course! The ideas from What’s on My Porch are so pretty and natural-looking. I love the bed made of twigs and all the little accessories covered with moss and bark. The candle stand made out of an acorn is also adorable. 

34) Salt Dough DIY Fairy Garden Accessories – Birdbath + Stepping Stone

DIY fairy garden accessories made from salt dough


Salt dough is fun for kids of all ages. It’s simple and easy to sculpt with, and it dries to a hard finish that can be painted and decorated. Over at Mommy Moment, Jody shares several cute DIY fairy garden accessories made out of simple salt dough – I adore this birdbath!

35) Mod Podge River for a Fairy Garden

40 DIY fairy garden accessories- modge podge

For those who are unfamiliar with Mod Podge, it’s a decoupaging medium that dries clear. When you use it for fairy garden projects like this Mod Podge river, it really looks like water. She combined the Mod Podge with rocks and with glass pieces to create a beautiful effect. 

36) Coastal Style Fairy Garden Accessories

If you have a beachy fairy garden display, you may want to try some coastal-style fairy garden accessories. Over at Crafts By Courtney, she has a cute sandy display with beachy handmade DIY fairy garden accessories. Use colors like coral and blue to really create a seaside feel. 

37) Fairy Garden Fence Banner

40 DIY fairy garden accessories - banner

Do your fairies have a message to share? Use this simple idea to make a cute banner that your fairies can hang on a fence or string between two plants in your fairy garden display. It would be cute to use this banner idea for a birthday party or a holiday message (like Happy 4th of July)!

38) Fairy Garden Swing from Twigs

This DIY fairy garden swing is made from twigs and bits of wood. It’s so cute and natural looking—you can just see fairies putting it together in their forest home. With the tutorial, you’ll find simple instructions for creating your own fairy swing in minutes. 

39) Chipboard Fairy Doors are Sweet Handmade Fairy Garden Accessories

I wanted to share this DIY fairy garden accessory idea for doors because these are really different and beautiful. Many materials are useful for fairy doors, but chipboard is easy to work with and cut. It has a finish that looks like hardwood, and the doors will look right at home in your garden or against a tree. 

40) Crochet Door Mat

How perfect would this crochet sun flower coaster be as a door mat in your fairy garden? (Surely fairies want to wipe their feet on their way inside after a day in the garden!)

41)Fairy Garden Painted Rocks

painted rocks as a DIY fairy garden accessory

Painted rocks can be an absolutely perfect fairy garden accessory!

You can paint doors, bugs, flowers or houses!

42)Miniature Filter Coffee Cup

Little dishes, foods, and kitchen accessories are also a fun addition to your fairy garden display. In this YouTube tutorial from NLD crafts, you’ll see the ingenious way she fashions the tiniest coffee brewing cup for her fairy garden. Get creative with your fairy activities and style them to match some of your own favorite pastimes! 

Hopefully, these DIY fairy garden accessories have offered you plenty of inspiration to make your own fairy décor. As you can see, you don’t need any special tools or supplies. Some of the best fairy garden accessories come from simple items and even “trash.” 

If you’re wondering how to decorate your fairy garden, roll up your sleeves and get creative! Let me know in the comments what DIY fairy garden accessories you come up with!

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