Fairy Garden in a Lantern

How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Lantern I’ve always wanted to make a fairy garden in a lantern. (If you’ve been here long that won’t surprise you, there’s …

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Fairy Garden in a Teacup

How to make a fairy garden in a teacup This tiny indoor fairy garden only takes up a bit of space – but it’s just as magical as a large …

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birth bath fairy garden

Birdbath Fairy Garden

We moved into a new (to us) house a couple of years ago, and this ancient rusty birdbath was sitting in the yard. I never got around to throwing it …

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wash tub fairy garden

Washtub Fairy Garden

How to make a washtub fairy garden This absolutely adorable washtub fairy gardenĀ is one of the first fairy gardens my kids and I put together. I followed the general rules …

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