Fairy House Painted Rocks

I’ve seen so many adorable fairy house painted rocks – I had to attempt my own

I’ll admit, I’m not that artistic (CREATIVE, yes… artistic no) so painting anything that’s not “abstract” is really hard for me. (Fairy garden painted rocks definitely aren’t hard – but you know, I wanted it to look a little believable!)

I went with a little mushroom. I’m sure fairies love mushrooms. lol.

fairy house painted rock (1)

Learning to paint fairy houses on rocks is just one of many ways to create fairy houses, but it’s one I had never tried before!

I didn’t actually have any quality painting supplies (because I’m not artistic haha).

So, I ordered these acrylic paint pens online, and grabbed some smooth rocks from the front yard. (Although, we will see lots of examples of painted fairy houses in this post that show you textured rocks are fine too!)

I’ll you the (super simple) process for painting this little mushroom house after I show you some more painted rock fairy house ideas.

Check out these adorable painted fairy house rocks for inspiration!

Before I started on my own fairy house painted rock I did some poking around to see what other people came up with.

You can purchase a ton of rocks painted like fairy houses on Etsy, so many of these examples are from Etsy and for sale.

mushroom fairy house painted rock

I’ll admit, my fairy house painted rock is not quite as “professional” as some of the other ones I saw online… but I’m still happy enough with it.

I wanted to add a bit of d├ęcor (like flowers or a lantern) but honestly I was a little terrified to totally ruin it LOL.

(That said, if you make a glaring mistake on your house, let it dry and paint flowers or a lantern OVER it in a bolder color! Sometimes covering a mistake up is easier than making it look like the mistake was never made.)

There are so many ideas for painted fairy houses – from the very artistic and complex designs that would take days to super simple ideas that kids could do on their own!

Fairy house painted cottages on rocks:

I found these absolutely adorable little cottages painted on rocks on Instagram.

Notice how she blends lighter paint around the doorframes – it really gives the little houses dimension and makes them look real.

You can check out Danijela’s account here for more ideas!

Painted fairy house rock with steps:

round stone painted fairy house with flowers

What really stood out to me about this little painted fairy house was the STEPS!

They are so whimsical and really give the cottage a quaint feeling.

This little fairy house is available for purchase on Etsy from Janet at MyPaintedSwan.

Little yellow fairy house:

yellow fairy house painted on a rock

This sweet little yellow fairy house painted on a rock is for sale on Etsy from

I love the heart details and the picket fence!

Blue fairy house with pine cone shingles:

Eva also has this sweet blue painted rock house for sale- I love that the roof tiles look like they could have been made from pinecones! (Pinecones are one of my favorite fairy house roofing materials. You COULD glue pinecone pieces directly to your painted rock if painting them on seems daunting.)

blue fairy house painted on stone

I love the potted plant in front of this house! Just try to imagine it placed in a fairy garden, surrounded by flowers and greenery.

Whimsical purple painted stone fairy house:

purple fairy house painted rock

Tiffany from ArtWithTiffany has a number of cute painted fairy house rocks for sale in her Etsy shop.

They look really professional, but they also inspired me that I could stick with simple and it would still look good – see how she uses colored dots as flowers?

Tiffany also painted this house and has it in her shop:

Pink stone painted fairy house:

tall pink fairy house painted on a stone

I was so inspired by this tall pink rock house because (being non-artistic) I really felt like my rocks to paint fairy houses on had to be a certain shape.

This square one was NOT the shape I had boxed myself into, so really opened my mind up to new ideas!

Fairy campers – for the nomadic fairy:

fairy camper painted on a rock

Your fairy house also doesn’t have to be a traditional HOUSE – just like my little painted rock was a mushroom… your fairies can live in anything!

Maybe they want to live in a cute little camper.

You could set the camper in a tiny fairy campsite, with a tiny pile of logs for the fire (like I created in this birdbath fairy garden 2 summer ago).

And if you made your camper on a larger rock, it would go PERFECT with this mini fairy BBQ!

I painted these ones pictured above… I copied the designs off a pin on pinterest! (Because I’m JUST NOT THAT CREATIVE lol).

Simple painted fairy house rocks for kids:

Get your kiddos involved in creating fairy gardens! Keep the designs simple. Stick to just one or two paint colors on a light color-ed base – focus on window and doors, like they did at messylittlemonster.com!

Click here for more fairy garden ideas for kids!

Placing your fairy house painted stones outside

If you’re going to put your fairy houses in the garden (outdoors), you’ll want to seal them to keep them weather proof.

Acrylic paint does last for some time outside, but a good sealer can help prevent fading and chipping.

Don’t stop at just houses – there so so many sweet fairy garden painted rocks you can make… ladybugs, flowers, snails, mushrooms, frogs etc – anything that would live in a garden is fun to paint!

Have you painted a rock fairy house? I’d love to see a photo!




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